The Big Breathe – Wed 17th Feb 2021

The Big Breathe: de-stressing the nation

From triyoga

Free live breathing session with Max Strom – Wednesday 17th February 2021, 12 noon GMT.

Time to breathe...








Give your brain a breather

In these challenging times, feelings of stress, anxiety or just general gloom can be close to the surface for many of us, as well as other issues like lack of sleep.

But did you know that we already have the tools we need to increase your sense of calm and wellbeing? Hopefully you’re doing it right now, in fact – breathing.

Our breath not only reflects how we feel, but it’s a tool we can use to change our mood, outlook and even our approach to life for the better. The Big Breathe will harness this to get the nation breathing a collective sigh of relief, even if just temporarily, from the stress we’re all under right now.  And will give us simple techniques that we can use going forward to keep us going.


Unlock the power of your breath

We’re delighted to announce that Max Strom, one of the foremost wellness experts of the digital age, will join us online to share a range of breathing techniques to help us manage the challenges of these times.

Max specialises in working with breathing patterns for emotional and mental health and the simple, accessible practices he’ll guide us through will give us tools to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and sleep issues, and increase wellbeing at all levels.

The Big Breathe is a completely free 30-minute practice and is suitable for all, including during pregnancy. You don’t need any equipment – just your body and an internet connection.